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upfront snow-falls IT COULD HAPPEN to any homeowner. You faithfully clear the sidewalk after each snowfall, and stay on top of de-icing, but one day, a passerby slips and hurts herself. After assisting, the fi rst question on your mind is likely to be: will my homeowner's insurance cover the incident? COVERAGE for The good news is, most policies include medical coverage for up to $2,500, which kicks in regardless of who is at fault. This allows homeowners to pay upfront for any costs (over and above those covered by Alberta Health Services) resulting from injuries. However, if the medical costs are above the $2,500 ceiling, your insurance company will investigate to determine who is at fault. sidewalk offsides IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT. You've just settled in to watch Hockey Night in Canada when your partner glances at the snow-covered sidewalk and then gives you the evil eye. Shovelling now would delay your evening plans, but then again, you'd avoid a bylaw infraction — and annoyed neighbours. Thinking of skipping it and watching the game? Read on to learn how much time you have to clear the ice, and the potential penalties for not shovelling in regulation time. —T.H. CITY HOURS AFTER SNOWFALL SNOW MUST BE CLEARED EDMONTON CALGARY MEDICINE HAT 48 hours 24 hours 24 hours 1ST OFFENCE Warning issued; snow must be cleared within seven days Warning issued, snow must be cleared within 24 hours Fine of $100, plus cost of snow removal RED DEER 48 hours Warning issued, snow must be cleared in 24 hours GRANDE PRAIRIE 24 hours Warning issued 2ND OFFENCE Fine of $100, plus cost of snow removal TAKE NOTE After each season, homeowner's record is wiped clean Cost of snow removal No monetary fi ne issued - History of infractions follows residents for life, no matter where they live in the city $35 fi ne, plus cost of snow removal Cost of snow removal and possible $100 fi ne Warning or ticket issued every time there is an offence for the same address History of infractions follows residents for life, no matter where they live in the city the back-up plan BRR, OUCH! Every year, doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors treat scores of injuries caused by that unavoidable winter chore: snow shovelling. Back strains are one of the most common, and most avoidable. This winter, follow these tips and your back will thank you: 1. Dress for the weather. Wear layers to keep your muscles warm, and boots with good traction to prevent slipping. 2. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart, your back straight and your knees bent, with a slight bend in your hips. 3. Grip the shovel with your hands at least 30 centimetres apart, for leverage. 4. Walk with the shovel, pushing the snow along the ground, instead of lifting. Twisting and shovelling snow over your shoulder is also a no-no. 5. Most important, pace yourself and don't overexert. Take frequent breaks. Brad Wrobleski/Masterfi le STREW GRIT CLEARING YOUR sidewalks after every snowfall prevents ice from forming. But during freeze-thaw cycles, the slippery stuff can build up regardless, and you'll want to remove it to make sure nobody slips. If scraping doesn't work, you can lay down sand or gravel for traction. None on hand? You don't have to pilfer from a beach or playground: most large municipalities offer free sand or sand-salt mix for resi- dents. In Edmonton, sand is available at most community league halls. In Calgary, head to any fi re department station and pick up a sandbag. Red Deer's Public Works Department has a public sandbox at the north end of its 7721 40 Ave. facility. WESTWORLD >> NOVEMBER 2011 13

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