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JOIN THE CONVERSATION Who's that Lady? Re: Cover, Summer 2014 Many of you got in touch to ask for details about the curvy silver trailer featured on our summer cover. It's a 1954 Airstream Flying Cloud restored by Colorado-based Timeless Travel Trailers. e rig features a hand-polished exterior, interior oak ooring and leather and copper-sheet details. Pretty nice, eh? Backyard Bunnock Re: "Roll the Bones," Around Alberta, Summer 2014 Member Erin Chrusch, on Twitter: @erinchrusch is was cool to see in Westworld, but purists will never play with plastic bones. #Bunnock #hometown @WestworldAB Glad you enjoyed the article, but we must ask, are you a purist? @erinchrusch Oh yes. My family won't play with anything but the real thing. My dad has had a court in the backyard for several years. @WestworldAB We look forward to some photos of this backyard court that you speak of. @erinchrusch Here you go! He built it around 12 years ago. CONTACT US: Westworld Alberta, Box 8180, Stn. South, Edmonton, AB T6H 5X9 ama.ab.ca/Westworld westworld@ama.ab.ca Twitter.com/WestworldAB Facebook.com/WestworldAlberta Making Summer Sweeter: AMA sent an ice cream truck around Alberta to surprise members with free soft-serve. Non- members could buy cones, with proceeds bene tting the AMA Foundation for Traf c Safety. Talk about a tasty introduction to AMARewards! Geared Up Re: "Model of a Cyclist," Summer 2014 Member Kelly N. Carter: is article was well done; however, missing two important pieces of gear for safe cycling: • Eyewear to protect the eyes from insects and ying road debris. • Gloves with cycling-specifi c pad- ding, as the hand is the fi rst thing to break a fall. ese also protect the ulnar nerve, which, when damaged, can cause temporary or permanent paralysis from the pinkie and ring fi n- gers up to the elbow. It is the largest unprotected nerve in the human body.

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