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f a l l 2 0 1 4 | W e s t W o r l d a l b e r t a 21 windless day. i stop at a booth and ask about a dish, and the old woman in a hairnet behind the counter barely moves her mouth to croak out "macaroni pie." it's a local version of macaroni and cheese made with Cheddar and a special sauce of mustard, ketchup and local hot peppers. i point to another. "Puddin' 'n' souse," she rasps, which i find out later is pig offal, Boost Your Health Even at the most luxurious resorts, travel-related illnesses can become unwanted souvenirs by Allie Connop S ure, the Caribbean is idyllic, but the most common traveller's ailments can be contracted almost anywhere. You can pick up Hepatitis A, for instance, from food that's been handled by an infected person – or from contaminated water. Unsterilized manicure tools can carry Hepatitis B. Luckily, a vaccination called Twinrix protects against both. This series of three shots costs about $210 and can be spread out over six months, or com- pressed into one month before you travel. A fourth shot, taken 12 months later, ensures 20 years of immunity and stress- free Caribbean spa days. By far the most prevalent vacationer's ailment is traveller's diarrhea, and even this can be curtailed. Two doses of Dukoral, an oral vaccination taken before travel (and followed up with antibiotics if symptoms occur) can help. "Dukoral is especially effective for people who have medical conditions like diabetes or heart conditions and are taking medications that decrease the level of acidity of the stom- ach," says Remedy'sRx pharmacist Mahmoud Ghoneim. "You spend all this time and money planning a trip – take the short time to get vaccinated." Thus ensuring your only trip mementos are a tan and a tacky T-shirt. Members save 50% on travel-vaccination consultation fees at Remedy'sRx pharmacies in Edmonton and Calgary. Visit AMARewards.ca/RemedysRx for participating locations.

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